Sunday, 4 September 2016

Immigration is a killer, good souls are pain killers...

When you feel like no one is listening to you because there are louder voices around, that make yours unworthy. They expect you to talk.. But when you point at the other side of the image, they misunderstand you.. They consider that you have this point of view because of your (probably religious) and ethnic backgrounds.

When something violent happens around, caused by someone looking to have some similar features, to yours. So you'd feel like to hide for a period, as you don't like those looks that would be staring you in the public.

If you talk unclearly in their language, there is a huge chance that they look awkward to you or even reply you in another language, but at the same time they call non-well-language-speaking-foreigners incapable or illiterate.

When they ask about your nationality following by those most frequent stupid question come along...

When every single of your reactions, beliefs  and habits are judged because of your cultural background: {

- Im not so much into meat > "I understand. Here we don't slaughter things in the your desired way".

- I don't care about my or others birthdays. > " Oh yeah, no worries, it's the cultural matter".

- Woman == Men > " Nice, you are truly an integrated foreigner ".


When some other foreigners are very respectful to the natives, but thoroughly the opposite to you.

When you from today aim to try your best to act excellent and be an amazing representative. You start by only reading things in the their language, watching the local TV, their movies and news.. reading more about the history and culture, trying hard to make friends and dive into the society. Obey all the rules and overreact in this field to proof you know all about them.

And you suddenly you see the vendor wishes a good evening to everyone but you. It's may not being by Intention, but still gives you a good reason to give up.

When the more percentages of the political debates are about how to destroy your type. And yeah.. It's true that none of us has been invited to their county and we all came here by our own choice.

When you still see some lovely people that make you to forget all about  things you've attained in your bag pack.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

It's been long that I haven't illustrated. Self portrait was the easiest thing that I could start with. It doesn't require any concept or idea. And if I mess with it, no one other than me would get disturbed.